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Tribe Engineering have supported Clayton Equipment with EMC testing as part of London Undergrounds CB40 commissioning programme.

The London Underground network has a very complex EMC environment due to several legacy signalling systems being present on the routes. In order for these locomotives to haul engineering trains from their home depot at Ruislip to any part of the network (excluding Waterloo and City Line) to support infrastructure works, they need to travel over several types of track circuits with varying tolerances to EMC emissions (radiated and conducted).

Tribe Engineering set up a scheme of testing against BS EN 50121 at the Highgate Test Facility, London, and also at the Network Rail test track at Old Dalby to instrument and collect EMC data during battery charging and motoring phases. This was then analysed and compared against London Underground Standards for the various track circuits to ensure compatibility.

As a result of the testing, several electrical and software modifications were made to the locomotive (and subsequently re-tested) to ensure EMC compatibility.

Clayton CB40 EMC Testing